Member Rewards Programs

We’ll allow pretty much anybody to sign up for our rewards program. Even this guy.

– Justin

Earn Rewards

Now, earn rewards with every purchase. Every $10 purchased earns you a star. Once you get 5 stars, you earn $5 credit to spend during your next visit at Always Black Friday.

Save Money

If you choose to sign up for one of our weekly savings plan, you can save even more. The bigger the package, the more you save! Receive as much as $45 each week to spend on any item inside the store.

Win Products

As a member of our rewards program, you receive entries into our drawing each time you make a purchase, plus get entries for telling your friends about Always Black Friday. Multiple prizes are drawn regularly (often daily) during our live broadcasts.

Peace of Mind

With our premium Member Rewards Programs, you will be able to return items purchased from our pallet sales, providing you additional peace of mind on every purchase.

Free Stuff is the Best Stuff!

Sign up for any of our Member Rewards Programs and instantly get one free item. One more time. Get one FREE product just for signing up for a program that gives you even more free products.

If this doesn’t make sense from a business standpoint, just remember, this was Matt’s idea.

What kind of an item do I get for free?‘ you ask. (I swear I heard you.) That depends on you. However, regardless of the decision you make, you will get an item of your choice that’s worth between $30-500.

How is it up to me? (Again, you ask.) You determine the package you want to sign up for. By simply signing up for our absolutely free rewards program you will be able to pick an item worth up to $50. Or, you can choose a weekly savings package and save significantly more. The more you choose to save, the more valuable the free item. Sounds awesome, eh?

Do I have to pay for a membership to get a free item? Thanks for asking. Even with our free basic membership, you will be able to pick an item off our $5 pallet. $5 may not seem like alot, however many of the items on this pallet are worth as much as $50 retail. So, you’re welcome!

Refer to the complicated grid below or ask anyone in the store for more details.

You Had Me at Free Product

With the basic Rewards Program, you simply earn free products with every purchase. No additional membership or monthly fee. Just sign up and save.

Free Basic Rewards Program

Earning free products is simple with our free rewards program:

  • Spend $10 – Receive 1 Star
  • 5 Stars = $5 Instore Credit

Sign up Bonus

Receive a FREE product (worth up to $50) when you sign up!

Premium Membership Rewards Program

The Premium Membership Rewards Program is designed to help fans and frequent customers of Always Black Friday save even more money.

Prices Slashed Through the Month of August

Benefits of this program include:

  • Free basic rewards program


  • Weekly In-Store Credit
  • Returns on “Off the Pallet” Items
  • Daily opportunities to win prizes
    • Entries with every purchase
    • Entries through referral program

The bigger the package the more you save!

Additional question
Answer to additional question
Why do you mention a guarantee? Aren't your items allready guaranteed?

Our standard return policy is 7 days cash and 14 days in-store credit.

However, due to customer request, our Premium memberships now include returns for “Off the Pallet” items.

How long do I have to spend the weekly credits?
Weekly credits expire within 7 days of the day they are issued. Credits must be spent within 7 days of the date they are issues.

Love Always Black Friday?

Tell Your Friends and Get Rewards – For Both You and Your Friend!

If you’ve spent any time at Always Black Friday, then you know we’re just one large happy, crazy, (somewhat dysfunctional) family. And we’re glad you chose to join us.

We’re even happier you are willing to tell your friends and family about us.

Every time one of your friends sign up for any of our monthly membership programs, you receive an additional entry into our daily drawings for free products. Plus, your friend receives a free product when they sign up. It’s a win-win.

Referral Program Details

The Referral Program is designed to reward raving fans of Always Black Friday when they recommend us to their friends and family.

Step-By-Step Easy Referral Program:
  1. Fill out your name on the referral card.
  2. Give the referral card to your friend. On the other side, there is an incentive for a free item for them.
  3. When they sign up for any Rewards Membership Program:
    1. They receive a free item &
    2. You are entered into our daily drawing for free prizes.
  4. Watch our daily Facebook Live posts for your name to be drawn.
  5. Come in within a week from the day your name was drawn and redeem your awesome prize!

The more referrals you hand out, the more chances you have to win!

Give Away Details

Always Black Friday appreciates it when our customers tell their friends about us, or get involved in our crazy on social media. Heck, we find just about any reason to give you free stuff. 

My, What Big Prizes You've Got!

Always Black Friday takes the concept of contests and give-a-ways to a whole new level. We broadcast live on Facebook almost every day. Each time we do, you’ll get multiple chances to win our best items, often worth as much as $500.

Give it Away, Give it Away, Give it Away Now!

Always Black Friday practices the art of aggressive prize giving. We give you so many chances to enter because we need lots of names to draw from. And with multiple drawings every time we go live (which happens to be just about daily) chances are you stand to win big!

Tell On Us - We Dare You!

Always Black Friday loves it when you tell your friends about us. As part of our Premium Rewards Programs, everytime you refer someone who signs up for any of our membership programs, you’ll get another chance to win our daily prizes.

Baby Buy, Buy, Buy

At Always Black Friday, we love customers who love to buy from us. And we reward those customers who are in our Premium Rewards Program in a serious way with by providing you with multiple entries into our daily drawing every time you make a purchase. 

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