Yes, This is a Bribe!

If there is one thing we have learned, it’s important to have new customers if you want to stay in business. That’s why we aren’t afraid to give you a shameless bribe just for stopping in and giving us a try. Stop in and get your free item!

Free Products You Actually Want!

Always Black Friday gets awesome items that are overstocks, and returns or from big box stores and we sell them at ridiculously low prices. But don’t let the pricetag fool you. These items are worth a ton.:

  • $5 pricetag = up to a $50 value
  • Items may include pots & pans, dishes, housewares, electronics, toys, and so much more. We’ve even had projectors, drones and bluetooth speakers. 


Okay, What’s the Catch?

We get it. You’re a skeptic. The only thing we ask is you sign up for our FREE Rewards program that gives you more free stuff each time you buy. There are no fees or additional obligations. In fact, we won’t send you updates on promotions and specials unless you ask us to.

Why do we need you to sign up? It gives us a simple way to limit this giveaway so it’s one per customer. 

Free Stuff is the Best Stuff!

Sign up for any of our Member Rewards Programs and instantly get one free item. One more time. Get one FREE product just for signing up for a program that gives you even more free products.

If this doesn’t make sense from a business standpoint, just remember, this was Matt’s idea.

What kind of an item do I get for free?‘ you ask. (I swear I heard you.) That depends on you. However, regardless of the decision you make, you will get an item of your choice that’s worth between $30-500.

How is it up to you? (Again, you ask.) You determine the package you want to sign up for. By simply signing up for our absolutely free rewards program you will be able to pick an item worth up to $50. Or, you can choose a weekly savings package and save significantly more. The more you choose to save, the more valuable the free item. Sounds awesome, eh?

Do I have to pay for a membership to get a free item? Thanks for asking. Even with our free basic membership, you will be able to pick an item off our $5 pallet. $5 may not seem like alot, however many of the items on this pallet are worth as much as $50 retail. So, you’re welcome!

Refer to the complicated grid below or ask anyone in the store for more details.

You Had Me at Free Product

With the basic Rewards Program, you simply earn free products with every purchase. No additional membership or monthly fee. Just sign up and save.

Free Basic Rewards Program

Earning free products is simple with our free rewards program:

  • Spend $10 – Receive 1 Star
  • 5 Stars = $5 Instore Credit

Sign up Bonus

Receive a FREE product (worth up to $50) when you sign up!

Get Your Free Item Today

Just complete the form and we will email you a coupon for your free item today. Then come in and see us. You’ll be glad you did (just avoid Paul, he’s a little crazy…)
How to Redeem:

  1. Enter your first name and Email
  2. Press download now button
  3. Download PDF from next screen
  4. or Download PDF from email
  5. Show to cashier


  1. Mention ad to cashier


  • Must sign up for free rewards program (for tracking purposes only)
  • For new customers only
  • Limit one per customer